Monday, July 28, 2014

Random Thoughts

  • Someone got to my blog by searching this:

          Someone is out there googing Sonic's "peen."

  • All of that PCMASTERRACE business is unbearable. It's ten times worse than any Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo fanboys ever were. No one gives a fuck if your games look better. No one except other people engaged in the same frenzied masturbation as you though, I guess. Keep posting those screenshots.
  • Speaking of that, why are mods seen as an advantage to PC gaming? I understand some genuinely expand on a game, but a large amount of modded content out there seems to be dedicated to "fixing" games. So, the developer tricked you into fixing their game? Whenever I downloaded mods it was because I was 12 and I wanted my Sims to be naked before I took the ladder out of the pool and ended them.
  • Gearbox Software doesn't make very good games. Borderlands is pretty heavily derivative of Fallout with more of an action taste. Not to mention they basically made Colonial Marines suck to make Borderlands.
  • Capcom probably hasn't made an HD ports of any of the older Resident Evil games besides CODE: Veronica and 4 because of the pre-rendered backgrounds. The backgrounds in Resident Evil 3 for Dreamcast are stored as JPEGs. 
  • Apple has made handhelds irrelevant and Sony and Nintendo are holding on to a dying breed. There's not much justification in the average person purchasing a handheld when you can (in some cases) pay nothing for an iPhone with a contract and have a wider variety of gaming experiences in addition to getting a device that'll be used for many things. Of course touch screens aren't ideal for many games, but that doesn't affect the proverbial average person.
  • Anime culture being so heavily ingrained with gaming culture is a huge hurdle to the medium.
  • The Super Nintendo is only viewed as superior to the Genesis online because of the abundance of excellent RPG games. Both the Genesis and Super Nintendo have an abundance of throw away garbage. There's not a huge difference in the quality level of their libraries when it comes to AAA titles vs. shit.
  • Indie gaming is not the future of gaming. It's a fad, just like indie music is. It adapts to the times and needs of the people who feel important identifying with it, and then exceptional musicians (or developers) become mainstream. The cycle repeats.
  • Another huge problem with gaming culture is the internet. Have you spoke with many people online who don't think they're experts about games? This is a medium that attracts the worst of the worst who parrot shit that other people say. Let's take a look at the term "Metroidvania." I've talked about this term before; it's bullshit. What happened with Metroid and Castlevania in 2009? Nothing. Except the birth of that term. 
  • Speaking of which, I've seen the term "Zeldalike" get thrown around recently. Expect that to go to the top of gamers' circle jerk terms they identify each other with along with "roguelike." Perhaps soon we'll see "CODlike."
  • What I played of Destiny was wholly unimpressive. Note that it was 10 minutes (if even).
  • Gears of War (with the exception of 3) is horribly overrated.
  • Sony's flagship shooters (Resistance and Killzone) are pretty generic. That's not to say they're bad, but they seem to be a kneejerk reaction to Microsoft's success with the genre.
  • Fuck Nintendo's non-response to localizing games that would help push their consoles here. It didn't end with Operation Rainfall.

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